But in our state the USPA has now canceled two events in the same year. And both those events were canceled due to single digit turnouts. Frankly I could throw 100 theories at you, but it wouldn’t matter. First its bad practice to attack any meet director unless the meets they run are absolutely horrible. The USPA that have happened in our state are far from that. So what is happening? I don’t know, but I do know that the USPA not succeeding is bad for Powerlifting, and this is why.

As someone who manages competing events I can say competition is a good thing. You don’t have the same drive to get stronger if you don’t have someone to compete against. You don’t have the same drive to get a better job if you don’t have someone you have to beat out. And when it comes to directing meets you are driven to deliver better contests if you have to compete with other organizations.

So whatever is going on I hope the USPA can turn it around. Your success is everyone success. Good luck.