With the 1st ever Southeast RAW Showdown in the books, there are many people I would like to thank in no particular order:

John Milnes
Julia Milnes
Marshall Milnes
Jackie Milnes
Joe Warpeha
Joe Kollar
Angela Simons
GMan Gary Grahn
Ken Graack
Cindy Dorau
Jenna Kroning
Shannon Murphy
Cheri Schouweiler
Jake Immerman
Tom Wamstad
Doug Priebe
Brenda Priebe
Karen Krampitz
Kim Ignatius
Dale Ignatius
Josh Karow
Ian Hart
Gregg Sonnabend
Ray Law
James Vang
Jala Beer
Rebecca Main
Steve Johnson
Anna White
Austin Ryan
Adam Kirckof
Jenna Kirckof
Kyler Ryberg
John Tini
Dave Morin
Jim Cahill
Brad Madvig

A meet director is as only good as his/her help. The time, effort, and commitment that each one of these people put in to make this a great event, certainly DOES NOT go unnoticed! I appreciate each and everyone of you beyond words!! Thank you to the lifters that competed on somewhat short notice. Next year should be a little smoother in that department. Thank you to all the spectators that shared in this inaugural event. The lifters definitely feed off the energy of the crowd and was very evident yesterday. A big shout out to a couple of sponsors, American Strength Training Center in Maplewood, MN. Ken Graack and his staff provided great support throughout the entire process. Also I would like to thank Met RX for providing each lifter with goodie bag of multiple types of nutritional supplements and energy drinks during the meet. I can't wait to do it again next year, but for now I need a nap! Thank you again who participated and made it an outstanding event!