With the IOC efforts all that is read is that talk about how the IPF is recognized by this group in association with that group and a lot of blah blah blah which frankly is meaningless to the local lifter. The only hard benefit that I have extracted from all this is that we are ‘eligible’ for Government funding. Some of you I know for a fact think this is a great idea, but I am going to give you an example why its not a good idea. I can do it in one word
I kid the Crossfit people and it pisses them off (ask me if I care. the answer is another one word answer). They have managed to destroy Powerlifting in popularity and numbers in its 16 year history compared to Powerlifting which spans almost 40 years. They do it because they market and market and market themselves like experts. And they have done more then we have in their first 5 years then in our entire history.
To add insult to injury (which has also hurt sensitive Powerlifters feelings.. Cry me a river BTW) our numbers have exploded because Crossfitters are crossing over. Normally I would think this is great, but we shouldn’t be dependent on the table scraps of others. And you know what, Crossfit isn’t going after the IOC at all. Because they don’t need the IOC or the Olympics.
Yet, here we are going after Government funding which we might not get even if we are ‘recognized’ since as far back as 1990. So what has it gotten us? IT HAS GOTTEN US NOTHING!
Its time for the IPF and the USAPL to focus their efforts in other domains to continue the grown of Powerlifting and not have to depend on other sports left overs. For them to stop this carrot and stick act thinking that because we are going for the IOC that it make us better. 30 years, its time to change gears and focus on other fronts.